Waldorf pencils? March 26 2014

Both of my children have used the Lyra Ferby pencils and Caspar (six -years) has the Super Ferby pencils at home and they are also the pencils we've chosen for his pencil case at school. (The Lyra Ferby are shorter and recommended for younger children, the Super Ferby are longer and therefore recommended for older children). 

Lyra pencils have a great, uncompromising reputation. They are naturally un-lacquered and have a highly pigmented thick lead. They are known for being easy to use and long lasting. The triangular shape is also useful. 

But why the Waldorf selection and what does this mean?

I've known Lyra pencils are recommended and used by Waldorf/Steiner schools and home-schoolers because of the reasons I've mentioned above. Have Montessori schools caught onto this I wonder?  

These are the Waldorf selection because of their colours. The natural colours have been asked for and selected by Waldorf teachers. Waldorf is known for natural materials, a connection to nature and fostering creativity. The Waldorf selection includes;

Zinc Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Light Orange, Light Carmine, Magenta, Light Blue, Prussian Blue, Sap Green, Apple Green, Van-Dyck Brown and Venetian Red.

Rather than a basic set of red, blue, green pencils the Waldorf Selection offers all the great features of the Lyra Super Ferby with the benefit of the purposeful selection of colour. They have also been described as deeper and richer colours, rather than the flat colours often found in packs of children's pencils.

To a non-Waldorf person this tells me this is a beautiful set of pencils.

In our home Caspar has been using pencils and most importantly shading to improve his hand strength (which is an ongoing issue for him). Often in the evenings (and often as I'm reading bedtime stories) he will draw. I have found keeping a large high quality art journal is useful for him too.