Montessori Egg and Cup April 02 2014

We have Egg and Cup sets in stock!! Yay, this is one material I've been trying to source since the shop opened! Why is something so simple is so hard to find in Australia? It beats me why our toy stores are overflowing with chaotic, over-stylised, over-stimulating, over-priced plastic toys. The Egg and Cup set is well priced, made from natural materials and when used appropriately it's highly valuable developmentally. 

Otis loved using his Egg and Cup set. Repetition is key. Totally uninterrupted repetition. The Egg and Cup is often called the child's first puzzle. The first time they put two pieces/objects together. Most of all I found it useful for building Otis's coordination (putting the egg into the cup) and for building concentration. 

Want to know more? The Egg and Cup Set comes with it's very own information card. It's important that you receive professional advice when purchasing our products so all of our information cards have been written by Meghan Hicks. Meghan is trained from 0 right through to 12 years, I love that she is a parent of two young boys also.

Here is a flashback of Otis using his Egg and Cup set at 11 months. It's fantastic to see a child so young working, concentrating, building his skills.