How we use the Geoboard at home April 05 2014

One of the reasons I love the Geoboard is because both of my children want to use it. Otis (3) loves to play, stretching the rubber bands. Caspar (6) takes things a little further, learning shapes and space, using dot paper and being creative. 

A Geoboard is a math manipulative used to support early learning in geometric, measurement and numeracy concepts. 

Geoboards support mathematical thinking thorough exploration.

Otis uses his fine motor skills to put the rubber bands on and take them off and stretching the bands, concentrating, recognising colours of the bands and starting to recognise the shapes he makes. (Otis also does shape work with the Shape StencilsMontessori Shape Work, his Wallet Colour and Shape Cards and also draws shapes in his sand tray.)

Our Geoboards are 23cm x 23cm square. They have a square array on one side (11 x 11) and a triangular array on the other. The Geoboards come in a variety of colours (Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Purple and Yellow) and are supplied with a pack of twenty bands. Each pack contains bands in various colours and sizes.

Caspar (6) explores shapes, units (each square = 1 square unit), addition, fractions, perimeters and coordinates. 

He uses the Geoboard, bands, dot paper and other geometric materials he can find. 

Geoboards allow for and promote creativity. 

There are also endless extensions ideas including free printables online and Caspar has been using this application

Our Geoboards can be found here