Heavy and Light - Learning about Weight June 13 2014

There are a lot of materials we can have around the home to allow children to explore concepts such as size, weight, volume and length. Measuring tapes, rulers, measuring cups and jugs and scales. 

We have been using these really simple Bucket Balance with Otis. At three these are ideal for pretend play and exploring natural items. 

It has allowed us to explore concepts such as 'more', 'less', 'heavy', 'light', 'balanced', 'even'. 

It doesn't require a lesson. I can leave the materials out and watch the magic happen. 

I remember reading the easiest way for a child to learn about weight is with a rock and a feather.

Learning through a real, hands on experience!

(The buckets at each end have ml increment marks, ideal for children learning about volume/weight and liquids. The Bucket Balance also has sliding compensators suitable for an older child's use).