Whale (Mother and Baby) Mobile


A really beautiful and gentle mobile for play spaces, children's nurseries, classrooms and nature study inspired work areas.  I love that this mobile features both mother and baby whales. 

This mobile is the last in the visual series for infants. It is offered to the baby whose vision has developed to the point where they can focus on chosen objects, vary the distance of their visual focus, track movement and perceive light, shadow and many shades of colour. However this mobile also has lots of black and white contrasting features that could be tracked by a younger infant. 

The final Montessori visual mobile always depicts objects that could realistically be expected to be suspended in the air or in water and move with the flowing movement of a mobile.  Whales are a lovely choice to fulfil these criteria. 

Features the Gray, Orca and Humpback Whale pairs.  The largest whale is 32 cm in length.  

Made in the US. The mobile is fully constructed and ready to hang. 

You can see the Whale (Mother and Baby) Mobile in use in Henry's beautiful Montessori room at Feeding the Soil

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